Life By One

Call me when you are drunk-----
Where do you and I go?---------
Cup of tea for two----------------
Life by one------------------------
Girl with a weird name-----------
Sing again-------------------------
I think about you all the time--
Not gonna be me-----------------
Short haired girl------------------
Lover and his muse--------------
J'Attendrai (cover) ---------------

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One fine day I found myself amidst a pretty good life, without anyone to share it with. Instead of going out and finding her, I holed up in my room for the next year or so and wrote songs about her.

I sought inspiration from girls I knew and liked someting or the other about. 11 songs and a cover later, here it is... "Life By One". The entire album is completely free for download and listening. Your feedback is welcome.

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Copyright (c) 2007 Shalin Shodhan, All rights reserved.